Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And then came the Danes

Will Denmark be the sight of the first cleansing?


Fear not, War is upon us!

After taking most of the month off from blogging, in the name of my own sanity, I feel the pressure to speak, to record the daily outrages in the world news building inside me again. Here is a nice summary of the real meaning of events in the last 3 weeks. From WSJ opinionjournal. It is called "Winds of War." If you missed out on WWII as most of us surviving today did, fear not, we got another big one coming, once again courtesy of our spirit of appeasement. Enjoy.


Friday, June 1, 2007

Reap as they Sow

Hat tip to LGF (again) for this incredibly depressing article about the reality brainwashing in the West Bank.


Venezuela-Hugo's Predicament

Hugo Chavez's recent closure of Venezuela's most popular somewhat oppositional television station in favor of state run pro regime TV has as we all know resulted in mass demonstrations and even rioting. With consolidation of power virtually complete Chavez's dictatorial regime is now at the final crossroads. With the protests persisting and growing in intensity he is forced to act. If he capitulates and restores the TV network, it is likely the end for his regime. If he persists, he will soon be forced to employ violent and deadly means of suppressing the demonstrations. If the Venezuelan people, and the international community succomb to brutality, that will be all for freedom in Venezuela for generations.

Clear Thinking

Here is a bit from Moonbattery which is one of the clearest explanations the global warming phenominon which I have read.

Here's the news: no one really believes in global warming. No one. Laurie David claims to believe in it, but jets around the country. Would she do that if she really thought it was dooming her and everyone else? If she thought jet travel caused breast cancer, would she indulge in that regardless of the risk? Of course not. Conclusion: she doesn't really believe it either.
Global warming advocacy is an opportunity for galloping narcissists to attract attention by striking a fashionable pose, a new wrinkle on the Hollywood award shows. Nothing more. ("I'm not an overindulged superannuated adolescent! I'm a concerned human being! Look at me, emulate me, adulate me, I'm cool! Really! All the cool people say so!") Anyone who actually believed our survival hung in the balance would be agitating to ban, inter alia, all rock concerts, television, film, vacation travel, and other frivolous wastes of energy and build nuclear power plants. Ain't gonna happen. Pigs will have an Air Force before then.
Anthropogenic global warming is an exercise in psychology, not science. The hysteria of those propounding it is by itself a dead giveaway. Those of us of a certain age (ahem) have seen so many doomsday scares come and go that it's hard to keep a straight face on hearing the most recent one. (As Abraham Lincoln said, "No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens." And somehow despite all the doomsday scenarios, the freeways become more and more crowded.) I'm old enough to remember when global cooling (caused by aerosol deodorants) was going to kill us all, and the polar bears were going to march down over the ice sheets and eat everyone in Miami. Now these maritime bears that can swim 60 miles out to sea are drowning. Teach 'em to mess with us!
Much like Wall Street touts, global warming poses the moral hazard that there's no downside to being an alarmist, because everyone will forget erroneous predictions. Only if the predictions are borne out, or appear as if they might be, will those making them point them out to all and sundry. A case in point: last year NOAA predicted a "very active" hurricane year, with four to six category 3 or higher storms, yada yada. Outcome: bupkis. Oops.
We should make the prediction business interesting. If a climatologist makes a public prediction that's substantially wrong, he should be fired and banned from getting federal funding. Now — he was saying?
Face it — global warming is a fad. Nothing more. Cynics are manipulating the cognitively disenfranchised (subtext: "vote for liberals, or we're all doomed, doomed I tell you!" Women are especially susceptible to the "It's for the children!" nonsense. It establishes their bona fides as mothers, or hopeful mothers-to-be.). In five years' time, global warming will join Y2K, heterosexual AIDS, killer bees, the ozone hole (now worse than ever, btw), and shark summer as the punch line of a joke. And you'll be telling people that you always had your doubts about it, and never really believed it. (I know: I tell people I never wore bell bottoms.) The grownups will nod gravely, and shoot bemused sidelong glances at each other, too polite to guffaw out loud.


Child Rearing

My wife and I are raising a boy. We of course find it challenging. We find that the child is very sensitive to emotional nuance, particularly with respect to social interactions. Simultaneously we are striving to understand the strengths and weaknesses in our own psychologies which to some extend are the result of our own childhood experiences. With these things in mind, this LGF post from the MEMRI site is overwhelming. How can anyone think it will be possible to negotiate an honest peace with people raised in this fashion?