Friday, June 1, 2007

Venezuela-Hugo's Predicament

Hugo Chavez's recent closure of Venezuela's most popular somewhat oppositional television station in favor of state run pro regime TV has as we all know resulted in mass demonstrations and even rioting. With consolidation of power virtually complete Chavez's dictatorial regime is now at the final crossroads. With the protests persisting and growing in intensity he is forced to act. If he capitulates and restores the TV network, it is likely the end for his regime. If he persists, he will soon be forced to employ violent and deadly means of suppressing the demonstrations. If the Venezuelan people, and the international community succomb to brutality, that will be all for freedom in Venezuela for generations.


Johnny O said...

Chavez is a despot, there is no doubt. But I think you underestimate his PR machine and the growing alliances with other leftists in the region. I would not be surprised if he does a small about face, re-opening the station (albeit with much more governmental control) and having some grandiose explanation of how the benevolence of his revolutionary rule is broad. The problem the international community has in Venezuela is two-fold, the overwhelming majority of the population is desperately poor and so they support his programs (for now) and the international investments are so large that they (for now) must kowtow to Chavez in hopes of retaining some of what they have.

Johnny O

Anonymous said...

Wow, Johnny O is one smart guy