Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Abducted Journalist

Now Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty is reporting that a Prague based Radio Farda journalist has been abducted by the Iranian Authorities in Tehran. Add Parnaz Azima to the ever growing list of journalists who have been abducted, held hostage, tortured, beheaded, and otherwise murdered at the hands of totalitarian militant Islamic fundamentals governments and militias.

Despite continued unpresidented casualities, the western media continues to act as chief apologist for these maniacs. Despite the fact that the number of journalists who have been murdered by western type folk is roughly ZERO, our media continues to censur or every attempt to defend against the encroaching barbarian hoards.

Interesting isn't it. The Left consistently sides with their ideological opposite, the islamists. Meanwhile the islamist repeatedly capture and kill their chief ally in the West, the journalists.

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