Friday, April 13, 2007

The Evils of Capitalism

Have you ever noticed that Capitalism, business, a desire to make money is generally considered evil by the Left. Haliburton and Microsoft are the devil on earth by the measure of the Left. What is pure, by their measure, is a not-for-profit special interest coalition. In Leftwing Missoula, I am told we have as many of these per capita as anywhere in the world. That is certainly the way it appears. Its the way many Leftwingers here make a living. Set up a not-for-profit, pay yourself a salary, and champion A GOOD CAUSE!

Interestingly, these CAUSES raise money by donation. Fundraisers galore! A slotted jar for your money everywhere. Mail solicitations incessantly. Even doorknocking. Who is the target? Well, anyone successful enough to make more than subsistence wage. Yes, businessmen! Doctors! Lawyers! People who have steadily worked hard to get ahead. People who the economy is rewarding for their unique contributions to our society.

I am not against these not for profits. In fact, I support several. I do, however, resent the socialist mentality which rejects, undermines, and seeks to destroy the very fountain of their being, capitalism. Of course it is the rich who cultivate those aspects of our society which do not have utilitarian value. For example, it is the rich who create a market for artists- painters, sculptors, musicians, etc. Those working at the local hardware store, simply can not afford to support the arts, or preserve the environment.

The great socialist and communist failures of the Twentieth century were not the epicenters of the arts, they were not bastions of environmentalism, they were not good at anything the Left values. Socialist economies run down to bare minimum subsistence. Starving people kill and eat everything. Freezing people cut down every tree. These people don't care about causes.

Wealthy capitalist societies with excess production are the sine qa non of all of the Left's most cherished causes.

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