Friday, April 13, 2007

Frog in the Pot

Over at Powerline blog a humorous but important question. Why hasn't there been another major terror attack in the US. I think Silverback is essentially correct. They are afraid of our response. They will not attack again here unless its a potent multi-prong WMD mega killer which they wrongly think would cause us to submit.

"I don’t doubt that more vigorous and widespread activities by all sorts of U.S. anti-terrorist forces, civil and military, have thwarted many possible attacks and made such attacks harder to pull off. However, the main reason that the U.S. has been spared any more 9/11 level attacks, it seems to me, is that those Muslim groups capable of carrying out such an attack have realized that if such a second attack were to happen, the enervating, blinding and concealing fog of confusion and disinformation they and their allies in academia and the MSM have been able to manufacture that has cloaked and protected them so effectively would instantly dissipate and America and Americans would wake up and retaliate with overwhelming force. Things would go much harder for Islam and Muslims and especially for many Muslims in the U.S., whose militant leaders would now be subject to deportation, whose radical Mosques would be subject to close observation and possible closure and whose actions would be subject to increasingly pervasive scrutiny and harsh restrictions.
Terrorist leaders are smart enough to favor the approach of turning the heat up in very small increments so that the frog in the pot doesn’t perceive that he is slowly being boiled alive; turn the heat up high right away and the frog senses danger and jumps out of the pot. "

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