Friday, April 20, 2007

Right and Left on the War

McCain vs Reid by Kristol. Please read this comparison of these two statements about the war in Iraq. The difference is hard to bear silently, one reason I am blogging.,8599,1613027,00.html


Anonymous said...

Can you comment on why we are building walls over there? Dont sound like short term policy. It sounds line Berlin during the cold war. Have we become like the USSR?

Mr. Kruscheiv, Tear down that wall!

Winston said...

If you have two dogs that continually bite one another on sight, do you protect them from one another or do you let them roam free until one or both are dead?

Anonymous said...

If they were my dogs, I would do something. If not, I would follow the kindergarten lesson that if you try to stop two dogs from fighting, you are going to get biten. Do you think you own these dogs? Do you think they are sub human?