Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Carbon Credit Lunacy

A good friend of mine is a rancher. He manages hundreds of acres. He is now being approached to sell his "carbon credits." He doesn't have to change anything, just register his land. As you probably know, the concept is that some other polluting type can buy these credits and absolve himself of environmental sin. Remember though, my friend is not doing anything different. Its enough to give a thinking man a nervous breakdown. Sheer Moonbattery.

I have been thinking about it some more, unfortunately. This rancher drives a H1 HumVee to the ranch every day. Does this adversely impact his available carbon credits? Does he get to "write off" the gas guzzling because it's for a ranch? Does he have to buy carbon credits from himself or even more lunatic, someone else? Oh my, this is stupid.

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Anonymous said...

As long as the ranch can need be developed further then this system works.