Friday, April 13, 2007

Unintended Consequences

There are increasing reports that the faith based Global Warming movement is having some real objective consequence. The drive to replace fossil fuels with ethanol is driving up the cost of corn, farmland, tortillas and even meat (animals are fed corn). I read recently that the price of tortillas has doubled in mexico where, of course, poor people count their tortillas. This is serious. Real people may starve over this hysteria while Al Gore jets around the world giving concerts and lecturing us to do as he says not as he does. Perhaps the Enviromentalist who constantly remind us of the interconnectedness of life on earth have forgotten that the ECOnomy is part of the ECOsystem. Buying carbon credits for absolution does not feed the poor (who incidentally can not afford carbon credits either).

hat tip: Moonbattery who reminded me today to reinforce this topic.

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