Friday, April 20, 2007

What Ever Happened to the Superheros?

The triumphant good guys of Marvel Comics. The Hero's. The incredibly modest yet powerful forces who would reluctantly shed their modesty to violently confront evil and save the innocent. Where are they. Where were they at Virginia Tech? No longer does America seem to teach its children to be strong, to be brave, to be resolute in the face of evil. America now sees Superman as a rich white male villian who would deprive criminals of their deserved spoils and their just revenge because he is self absorbed and subjective in his sense of right and wrong. To America today, superman is a outmoded, unevolved, undereducated, and possibly religious, thug. This is depressing.

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Anonymous said...

Says who? Did you just make this rant up? However, I know that the enemies of the world are not about money. They are usually meglomaniac arch villians with physical deformities intent on domination. Superman is equally intent on their defeat. They are childrens cutouts of good and evil. As for what happened... you grew up and see that the world is not that simple.