Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maybe its Contagious

Over at American Thinker Greg Richards has a good column about the Bush Administration not arguing its case. He writes:

"One of the things that totally mystifies us supporters of the Bush Administration is its absolute, total, continuous, inexplicable refusal to make its case in the public forum."

This has in fact been my biggest beef with Bush. He is not able to explain himself. This needs to be done clearly, repeatedly, unwaveringly, and with the conviction many of us feel. This is perhaps what many of us are seeing in Fred Thompson that is the most exciting- the ability to convey resolution and utmost confidence in his actions to the people.

Maybe, cultural relativism, a willingness to please, a desire not to offend, a "yes, but you can't say that" attitude has seeped from the Left into the Conservatives. If you are afraid to say what you really believe because someone will be offended or "spin it," you end up with platitudes. Speeches about Golden Mountains and Free Eagles. These, of course, persuade no one.

The case must be made with resolution and with specifics at every opportunity. Playing defensive chess will not do here.

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LifeTrek said...

His Dad did the same thing leading up to the 92 election. I understand the frustration he must face trying to get his message through the media's liberal filter, but he just seems to have given up.

Perhaps there comes a point where placing the "Office Of The President" (which is a possible explanation of his behavior) above the overall good of the nation is a foolish move.