Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Global War on Terror

I have never been that fond of the phrase, as it is a politically correct euphemism for the global war on militant fundamentalist islamic jihad. Nevertheless, that the congress is spending time trying to ban the phrase makes me see red. Why such infantile behavior? Well thats easy, if the American people figure out how pervasive and dangerous this war is, how global it really is, and how Iraq is now its major pivot point, then the Dems chances go down dramatically in 08. So, divide it up. create the illusion that fighting the jihadi's in Iraq is the worst mistake ever, but that fighting them elsewhere might be necessary from time to time.

Walid Phares has a clearheaded comment on this frighteningly global struggle over at Counterterrorism Blog with regard today's Algiers bombing.

Update: if you don't like my phrase, Drennan Lindsay took a stab at it:

How about "the War on Iraq, Israel, The United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Malta, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Argentine, Egypt, England, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, the Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Jordan, India, Russia, Chechnya, Singapore, Dagestan, Yemen, Bali, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Somalia, Kuwait, Columbia and Nepal"?

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