Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do you Stand with the Jews?

Every freedom loving, tolerant, pleuralistic Western mind must ask itself this question. It is a question which I have asked myself with every ounce of objectivity, realism, and honesty which I could muster. The answer was a long time in coming. My answer:

I stand with the Jews.

The word "stand" in that statement is critical. What does it mean to take a "stand?" In the face of what kind of adversity will you maintain your stand? Is your stand worth sacrifice? Will you allow the West, in a fatal attempt at appeasement, to sell out the Jews? Have the 60 million WWII dead died in vain? You, we, all of us must decide, and soon. Nancy Pelosi will soon come back from Iran, paper in hand, and proclaim: "Peace for our time." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_Agreement

Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna has a spectacular post from 2004 wherein he proclaims, "I stand with the Jews." Please read every word of it carefully.


If the West shall allow it again, then the West shall surely fall, and rightly so. Yeats' classic, The Second Coming, contains this telling couplet:

The best lack all conviction
while the worst are full of passionate intensity

I say, "Never again!" Do you?
I see it coming! Do you?
I stand with the Jews! Do you?


Anonymous said...

The poem was by Yeats - which I discuss at:
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Dr.Charlemagne said...

You are right sir. Will correct and substitute.