Thursday, April 12, 2007

Moral Equivalence

This very dangerous principle is foundational to the modern liberal thinker. You know, "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." The concept can also be put as, "there is no good or evil, its all relative."
Once a society convince's itself of this, well, its has big problems. This is the source of self hatred and blame coming from the American Left. This is one of the intellectual mistakes which lead to Appeasement (there are a couple of other underpinnings).

A couple of weeks ago a new suicide bombing tactic reared its head in Bagdad. Because the check points have been effective in keeping car bombers away from the best (lots of innocent people) targets, the terrorists got creative. They realized that children in the car would make t
hem appear harmless. So they put a couple of young kids in the car, made it easily thru the checkpoint, drove up to the marketplace, jumped out of the car (leaving the children inside) and blew it and a couple dozen passerbys to Allah. Evil. Despicable Evil on this earth. Evil which is spreading like a grassfire under our noses. Freedom fighters my arse.

According to Evan Sayet, the modern liberal mind cannot, will not, tell right from wrong, good from evil. I think he is on to something. Read his post from April 6, here:

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