Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Obama on VTech Violence

This piece discusses how Obama compared the violence at VTech to outsourcing of jobs. The clip from Obama's speech has to be one of the stupidest bits of writing I have ever seen. There is almost nothing right about it. Pathetic.


Hat tip: Glen Reynolds

Wait. I have more to say here. The dems have now proposed 1) Tax increase, 2) increased minimum wage, 3) no outsourcing. Oh my God. I hope they are going to increase unemployment benefits too because we are all gonna need it.


Anonymous said...

Verbal violence is a stupid phrase to concoct but didn't you just comment yesterday that "ideas can be dangerous and contagous?" So aren't you are really just making value judgements on the dangerousness of the ideas and who the ideas are attacking. Arent these ideas all just rooted in ignorance and racism?

Dr.Charlemagne said...

huh? Anonymous, you lost me there.