Thursday, April 12, 2007

On proposals to increase the minimum wage

Socialist ideas like this always have the reverse effect to that desired. Everyone would love to see an end to poverty. One difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives know direct legislative actions like increasing the minimum wage will not make people less poor, it will make them more poor. Liberals ignore the overwhelming lessons of the past, or at least don't let on that they are aware. Increasing the mimimum wage causes businesses to: 1) go out of business, 2) hire fewer employees, 3) become even more uncompetitive with the far east, 4) outsource their workforce and even production. The net result is few jobs for American citizens, more illegal workers who can be forced to accept even worse conditions because of their illegality. Its not that conservatives care less about the poor, it is that they accept the overwhelming evidence regarding how these things actually work.

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