Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all in mourning today. Yesterday's senseless coldblooded killing at Virginia Tech has deeply wounded us all. Some of us will not give it much thought. Some will brood about about it. Some will seek to explain. Many will seek to blame.

The story of Professor Liviu Librescune is one of the only clear and meaningful stories which has come to light from the scene. The seventy year old Isreali professor was a survivor of the Holocaust, a survivor of the terrible communist oppression in Romania. The professor's last act was to barracade the door in order to give his students time to jump out of the window. The professor knew- All that is necessary for the triumph of evil over good is for good men to do nothing.

We will all die one day. When that day comes for me, I will... that I have stood for what is right and had the courage to confront evil.

Update: Sad irony- Professor Librescune died as his counrymen paused to observe holocaust memorial day.

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