Friday, April 20, 2007

What Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Know likely to get us killed. Why doesn't our Media explain the things which Caroline Glick outlines in her latest clear eyed assessment of the mid-East? Because the Democrats have wed their political future to a passivist strategy of appeasement which is based on a horrendous underestimation of the worldwide Islamist threats. The other thing they are not explaining, is that the sacrifice of Isreal may be required for the fufillment of their strategy. Take the Sudetanland and be happy.

Trouble is, facts on the ground are really scary. Thats why ol Nancy had to go shake Assad's hand as if to say, "see they are not so bad." Keep the peeps thinkin everything is gonna be just fine. "Nothing to see here, move right along people." Really Nancy? There are places other than CNN to find out whats going on. There is a whole scary lot to see here.

Read this article and the rest of Caroline Glick's fine work.

"Syria has been openly preparing for war since the last summer. And in the space of the past week alone, the Syrians twice announced their intention to attack Israel. On Monday, Syria's Propaganda Minister Moshen Bilal threatened that if Israel doesn't fully implement the Arab plan which calls for its retreat to the 1949 armistice lines and acceptance of millions of Arab immigrants, Syria will go to war. On Wednesday, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad said, "We always prepare ourselves. Israel is a fierce enemy. We have seen nothing from it but harm."

The Democrats may not be trusted with our national security. A second Holocaust or an heroic evacuation of Isreal is unacceptable, even if that were to be where it stopped. Unfortunately, the legacy of the Munich Agreement tells us that it would be only the beginning.

I stand with the Jews.

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