Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bias? Nah...

I have recently had the gumption to mention to a few friends and family that the media in the US, UK, EU are pretty darned biased toward the left. The reaction I have universally recieved was not quite what I expected. Rather than a quick series of counter argument, more of a head tilting look of surprised puzzlement- as if to say, your joking right?

Here is a bit about how the french state owned media covered the first round of the presidential elections there:

France 3, the state-owned regional TV channel is notoriously anti-Sarkozy.
The personnel issued a gripes communiqué against him a few weeks ago. They claim
he said they’d all be fired after he’s elected. Shocking, n’est-ce pas? Unless
you know how they got appointed and/or hired in the first place. Let’s not get
tangled in their quarrel, we have more serious issues to treat this evening. But
I would like to mention this mind boggling fact: France 3 delivered a prime time
newscast 24 hours after the first round of the elections and focused on Royal,
Bayrou, the Communist Buffet and a few others in her league…and left out Nicolas
Sarkozy, the front runner and favorite for the final round. Excuse me if I
belabor the point, but I think this must be a first in media history. The news
department of a state-owned channel in a democratic country in which journalists
are strictly forbidden from expressing their personal political opinions can
cover the elections without mentioning the winner…except for spotlighting a
virulent anti-Sarkozy voter here or there. They did have a long report from
Clichy-sous-Bois. It might not surprise you to learn that Royal came in far
ahead of Sarkozy there.


Although CBS is not above a forged document or two designed to undermine our president, I am not sure the are willing to go that far, yet.

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