Monday, April 16, 2007

Moral Equivalence?

How is the Moral Equivalence crowd going to explain today's massacre at Virginia Tech?Did the teachers or fellow students somehow behave in a way which from the shooter's point of view justifies the killing. Remember, "one man's terrorist is another man freedom fighter." And of course, "good and evil are relative." Maybe he was slaughtering to feed his family.

Imagine if he had been caught before killing himself, say trying to reload. What should his penalty be? Hard for me to believe there is any debate here. Let me guess, "insanity defense?" Couple years in the looney bin?

Nope. Sarcasm off/ common sense on. Evil, plain and simple. No excuses. Death after swift justice. I am sure that I have 32 of 32 grieving families with me on this tonite.

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