Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Human rights?

As Foriegn Policy blog recently noted the UN human rights council is officially a joke:
"The Council has condemned Israel 8 times, but refused to pass judgment on even a single other regime.:"

The point is best driven home by Hillel Neuer in this now famous clip:

The leftwing NGO's supposedly concerned with these issues such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch don't seem to be doing much better. They obscess about the quality of the meals and religious freedom at Guantanamo Bay or Isreali cluster bombs used against the rabbit warrens of Hezbollah. Yet, they seem incapable of condemning kidnapping, honor killing, and terrorism from the palestinean territories. They are mute on the absurd draconian authoritarianism which exists virtually everywhere else in the world. The explanation which fits best is that these holy bastions of liberalism really don't care that much about their subject, but rather political advancement. Some probably just think it sounds good on there cocktail party CV.

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