Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Flag Burning and Treason

I have never understood why this is tolerated. Freedom of speech and expression is obviously protected by the Bill of Rights. Sedition and Treason are similarly prohibited. Both principles apply to flag burning/desecration. Given that Old Glory is perhaps the ultimate symbol of our agreement to live together under the principles expoused by the framers of The Constitution, when you stomp on the flag, you stomp on your right to express yourself. A flag burner's self exclusion from The Bill of Rights is not that hard to discern. When you burn the flag, a clear statement of contempt for the United States of America, you place yourself outside the protections its citizens enjoy. The flag does not represent what America is at any one point in time, it represents the agreement of American Citizens (and their guests) to help make America what it should be.

Since we can't even seem to figure an issue as simple as flag burning, its no wonder various other forms of treason and sedition have become a standard political tool in Washington's free-for-all power grab (I am not naming names on my first day blogging). I start to wonder whether some in Washingtion are setting the example which inspires the recent flag burning, soldier effegy burning, and such.

Even in America, civilization exists with only a thin veneer- underwhich we will find a Hobbsian chaos. Wrap that veneer in Old Glory and protect it or we shall all suffer the consequences.

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