Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Crowd of Fools

Anyone used to taking responsibility for the things that they say or do must knows that Al Gore must be sleeping poorly these days. Not because there is any proof coming to the fore ( one way or the other) on man-made global warming, but because the weather has been extremely and unseasonably cold lately. While any reasonably scientific person knows that the weather last week, or the last two decades for that matter, is meaningless in terms of predicting future climate change, in the court of public opinion global warming theory is only as good as its last snow storm. Imagine hitching your credibility and integrity to something as freakishly unpredictable as the weather. Imagine an entire political party doing so. What if we have a terribly cold winter next year? Only the global warming faithful have the brassies to bet it all that a cold winter won't happen. Sleep well Al.

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