Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Playing the Victim

My advice to The Rutger's Basketball team- get over it. So Imus called you knappy headed, so what. He is hardly the guy to start talking about hair, or general appearance. Guy looks freakishly knappy headed himself. Is the guy gonna chase me down now because I called him knappy headed? So what.

Girls, don't let Sharpton and Jackson take you down the perpetual victim route. Its their old saw, in fact it is all they have to talk about. Nothing constructive. Look how much good 60 years of victimhood has done the Palestinians. Instead, why don't you challenge Imus and four of his radio buddies to a televised game of Basketball. Let the world see what his knappy head looks like all sweaty and beaten. Forget Sharpton, the ACLU, the lawyers, and playing the victim. Go be exceptional, and ignore the rest.

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