Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Congratulations Fox News

Fox did a spectacular job on tonite's 10 man Republican Presidential debate. The debate served as a nice introduction to these candidates and and their differences. The MSNBC debate was absolutely terrible. MSNBCs perverse interest in making the Republicans look bad, instead has humiliated themselves. The questions tonite were pointed, substantial, difficult and appropriately distributed. The panel followed up well. The candidates generally performed well. The consensus is Rudy won by a lot, and I agree. One online poll included Fred Thompson who won by not being there. Each candidate, save Paul, showed a witty well timed sense of humor. The line about congress spending money like Edwards in a beauty shop was priceless.

I was particularly pleased to see honest people talking about serious topics. Very little time was spent negating the democrats. It gives me hope.

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