Monday, May 7, 2007

Sarkosky gets it

I don't know about Nancy Pelosi, but the new President of France gets it. Here is a bit-o-sarko:

I respect all cultures throughout the world, but so that it is quite clear: if I am elected President of the Republic, I will not accept women being treated as inferior to men. The French Republic holds these values: respect for women, equality between men and women. Nobody has the right to hold a prisoner, even within his own family. I say it clearly, that polygamy is prohibited in the territory of the French Republic. I will fight against female genital mutilation and those who do not wish to understand that the values of the French Republic include freedom for women, the dignity of women, respect for women—they do not have any reason to be in France.

I love this guy so far. Listen to him in French, he is not parsing words one bit.

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