Monday, May 7, 2007

In Praise of Hirsi Ali

Caroline Glick has yet another great article at JPost. While Hirsi Ali deserves every accolade Glick bestows upon her, I must say that when it comes to brave, unafraid, and insightful writing, Caroline Glick is not far behind her. Both of the women are the true feminists of today. Feminist's with worthy causes who risk their lives to tell the truth.

A must read for any one who claims to care about womens issues. Nancy Pelosi met with Bashar Asad wearing the Hijab, has she met with Hirsi Ali, has she met with Caroline Glick? Its shameful. Here is a bit from the meat of the article about Hirsi Ali's story:

IN HOLLAND, Hirsi Ali found herself confronted by a kinder, gentler type of cultural tyranny - the moral relativism of political correctness and multiculturalism dictated by the Left. Just as she rejected Islamic oppression in Africa, so in Holland she refused to submit to the will of the majority not to notice, judge or take action against the misogynist tyranny and anti-Western culture of the Muslim minority.
Hirsi Ali's labors brought her to Theo Van Gogh. In 2004 the two produced the film Submission, Part One. The short film shows a young Muslim woman wearing a see-through burka. Passages of the Koran permitting the abuse of women are written on her body. The woman prays in submission to Allah all the while noting her abject suffering in his name. At the end of the movie, the woman raises her head to Allah and calls into question the reasonableness of her submission.
The film's provocative message placed both Hirsi Ali and Van Gogh's lives in imminent danger. And on November 21, 2004 Van Gogh was butchered by a Dutch Muslim on the streets of Amsterdam. The murderer stabbed a letter into Van Gogh's chest in which he threatened to murder Hirsi Ali "in the name of Allah Most Gracious and Most Merciful."

Remeber Theo "knife with note in the back" Van Gogh anyone? Ah, but mustn't judge or forget multiculturalism. Silly me.

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