Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quiz Time

Lets say you and your family of 4 live in a lousy neighborhood. You moved their as a last refuge after all the rest of your family was murdered by socialists. You keep a nice modest house, you raise your children with religion, education, and honor. The rundown shanty on either side of your house are used as meth labs. Many scary people go in and out of these houses with guns and other weapons. The houses around them are obviously Mafia villas. You try to keep to youselves and make a life. The people from the meth labs like to shoot guns and big fireworks into your back yard while your children are outside playing. Often they are shooting guns at each other. You have thought about moving but you have no money and can't sell the house because of the neighborhood. It is also a family home for generations. You and all of your children have been repeatedly injured by the malicious dangerous people next door. You have begged, pleaded and tried everything you can think of to stop the wanton attacks. You have bought very effective weapons to protect your selves. You have cleaned out the crack houses by force more than once. You were stern but tried not to hurt anyone. Each time the Mafia nearby force you to retreat saying you shouldn't be so violent. You know they make money by selling the drugs and want the crack houses to remain.

1) Who are the good guys, the meth heads or the family of 4?

2)Who are the victims?

3)When your daughter comes in shot in the leg, is it wrong to shoot back?

If you read any of our mainstream media (MSM), you are not likely to get the answers you expect. See CNN or the NYT or any other MSM to find out how Isreal is bad and is the cause of the Palistinean misery. It takes some serious gymnastics but they will get you there.

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