Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hey Look, A LEADER!

Hot Air has Fred Thompson's entire Lincoln Club address posted in 4 youtube video's. Together, they are 30 well spent minutes of Fred. The interesting thing is that exactly no time is spent critisizing others mistakes and the entire time is devoed to describing his calm, positive and determined vision for America's future. At one point he tells of how Churchill gave the eulogy at Chamberlain's funeral. An interesting tale.

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Anonymous said...

OK. He already had my vote whether it be due to my astute appraisal of his positions or simple Southern allegiance. The difference here lies in his consistent improvement. Every time that he speaks or writes, I respect him more. Most politicians are able to state a few platitudes to convince the base and hope that they come along for the ride. Fred states harsh truths with difficult solutions and is unapologetic but hopeful in the stalwartness of the American populace to face it. Could we as a nation be so lucky as to have him at the helm?