Monday, May 7, 2007

On Environmentalism

Readers of this blog could erroneously conclude that I am against environmentalism. I am not. That conclusion is incorrect. I am however against the democrats hijacking the environmental movement (media cooperating) with kooky extremist bogus for selfish political gain. My beef is with the irresponsible alarmist pandering of folks like the Goracle. Hypocrites who have no problem with duping the masses. In the end, charades like Al's damage the movement and polarize sensible people against it. People who fought nuclear power like mad and now promote it, that's a problem. People who would ban the light bulb but don't know anything about the replacement they propose. I could go on, but the point is clear. Irresponsible, emotional hysteria does not substitute for sensible, practical, leading by example. People telling us to change our lifestyles from their private jets are like Micheal Jackson lecturing about child molestation. Its offensive, not persuasive. Al Gore should read about President Bush's unbelievably environmentally sound ranch in Crawford and shut up.

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