Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mortal Danger

In case is wasn't entirely obvious that the Global Warming Hoax was a dangerous distraction for emminant geopolitical threats, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives is seeking to put us all in mortal danger. They are seeking to divert intelligence resources to study climate change. Well, I finally agree, climate change, has become an emergency, and it is so because of human activity, specifically Democrat activity. They are going to get us killed. Glad I don't live in one of the US metro areas likely to get nuked first. This is depressing. It is going to be really warm, like 72 million degrees, in an American city very soon.

What a difference an election makes. Today the House of Representatives will debate whether global warming is so serious a threat to American national security that the director of National Intelligence, normally busy with issues like al Qaeda, Iranian nuclear research, and North Korean missiles, should be ordered to put aside other projects to create a special National Intelligence Estimate on climate change. So far, majority Democrats have pushed the proposal through the House Intelligence Committee — on a party-line vote — and there is a good chance it will become part of the final intelligence authorization bill passed by Congress.

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