Friday, May 25, 2007

The Ultimate Sacrifice

A friend commented recently and inspired me. Despite the fact that Al Gore testified before congress recently that he is not willing to alter his lifestyle for global warming, the movement remains religious. I am reminded of televangical cults by the devotion of Anthropogenic Global Warming adherents. The Branch Dividians. Jim Jones. Thought control. Given that this is the most urgent crisis humanity has ever faced (or whatever Gore hath spake), would it not be reasonable for the holiest of the Warmers to actually drink the Kool-aid and kill themselves? Think of the carbon savings! Not only would they no longer consume fossil fuel, not only would they stop eating flatulant cows, but the would stop exhaling deadly carbon dioxide. Were a significant fraction of the Warmers to embrace this theory, the world would indeed become a safer place. Here is to hoping.

hat tip to winston for the concept

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