Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Most Favored Victim Status

There is a vigorous discussion over at the Augean Stables as to why the Palistineans enjoy such unwavering support from the Left and indeed, at least tacitly, almost the entire world. While real atrocities are commited all over the world, while palistineans murder each other, while palistineans murder their wive in so called "honor killings," the U.N. can do nothing but censor Isreal. Why? This bit approaches the problem, although I must say, does not settle the matter.


Meanwhile, when given the choice, palistineans seem to prefer living in Isreal.

Those living on the Israeli side of the fence feel more comfortable now that they know Israel has no intention of cutting them off from Jerusalem.
These residents enjoy freedom of movement, work in Israel and are entitled to all the privileges that Israeli citizens receive.
In the past four years, thousands of Arab Jerusalemites living outside the municipal boundaries of the city have moved back into Jerusalem for fear of being left on the other side of the security fence. Many of them abandoned their large houses and villas in favor of small and expensive apartments inside the municipal boundaries of the city.
The security fence has virtually cut off the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem from the West Bank, making the Arab residents fully dependent on Israel's economy. Dozens of merchants who owned businesses in Ramallah and Bethlehem have moved back to the city in the past few years.
"People see the anarchy and instability in the Palestinian Authority areas and prefer to leave to a safer place," explained Ibrahim Barakat, a businessman from Beit Hanina, a large Arab neighborhood in northern Jerusalem. "Also, people are afraid of losing their status as permanent residents of Israel and that's why they are moving back into Jerusalem. After all, life inside Israel is much better than the West Bank."


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