Thursday, May 10, 2007


LGF links to this Christopher Hitchen's article about the current state of the neighborhood of his youth. The article is, of course, frightening. Too frightening for the likes of PBS, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and most Democrats who wish to stick their Chamberlain-like heads in the sand. The photo at the top of the article is worth 1000, no 10,000 words.

It's impossible to exaggerate how far and how fast this situation has deteriorated. Even at the time of the Satanic Verses affair, as long ago as 1989, Muslim demonstrations may have demanded Rushdie's death, but they did so, if you like, peacefully. And they confined their lurid rhetorical attacks to Muslims who had become apostate. But at least since the time of the Danish-cartoon furor, threats have been made against non-Muslims as well as ex-Muslims (see photograph), the killing of Shiite Muslim heretics has been applauded and justified, and the general resort to indiscriminate violence has been rationalized in the name of god. Traditional Islamic law says that Muslims who live in non-Muslim societies must obey the law of the majority. But this does not restrain those who now believe that they can proselytize Islam by force, and need not obey kuffar law in the meantime. I find myself haunted by a challenge that was offered on the BBC by a Muslim activist named Anjem Choudary: a man who has praised the 9/11 murders as "magnificent" and proclaimed that "Britain belongs to Allah." When asked if he might prefer to move to a country which practices Shari'a, he replied: "Who says you own Britain anyway?" A question that will have to be answered one way or another.

Depressing, thoroughly depressing. Not the Ideological challenge, but our reaction to it. At least, Chris Hitchens gets it.

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