Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Glacier National Park

One of my operatives has noticed that their are people who think Glacier National Park should be renamed because of its receding glaciers. They suggest: Circ du Soliel.
Although I find it humorous, I can not help but suggest a couple others.

The National Park Whose Glaciers have temporarily receded for reasons we don't understand and can't possibly change, in what is clearly a natural cyle, which in the past has allowed farming in Greenland (hence the name) and provides a great distraction from real urgent life and death problems on which the Democrats are dangerously weak.

or perhaps

The National Park Whose Glaciers are Shrinking Just Like The Ice Caps on Mars

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Anonymous said...

I do not consider myself one of your operatives.

I consider myself to be an independent self governing agent within the system. I am kinda like TRON in that Disney Movie with Jeff Bridges from the 1980s. Watch out! As soon as I get my disk to the I/O tower then the whole place might go blue!