Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tony Snow on Cuba

Newsbusters has a GREAT Tony Snow quote in response to Andrea Mitchell's charge that the US sanctions are the cause of Cuba's abject continued ongoing perenial economic failure. Snow says:

As for the economic straits of the people in Cuba, there's an unbroken record of eocnomic failure in socialist states. Certainly the economic approach of the United States has not helped the economy of the Cubans, but on the other hand, this has been an economy that now for 47, 48 years has in fact been a basket case. It's a direct result of policies that suppress people's natural freedoms, and their abilities to generate wealth and also to enjoy the incentives to build fresh wealth and opportunity on their own. So, again, look around the world, and socialism is 0-for-history when it comes to producing widespread, profound prosperity.

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