Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Dr. Sanity today does a good job with an extremely important arguement. She is writing about the unintended ill effects of environmental hysteria. A subject which this blog has frequently touched. She discusses the DDT ban, and of course Global Warming. Based on the notion that DDT is a carcinogen it was banned, Malaria then went from virtual irradication to a major cause of death amongst the worlds poor. According to some sources, 800,000 poor children a year dead of malaria. The great wisdom of banning DDT, which of course came from places where people have little risk of contracting the disease, has probably not been so helpful. Similarly terrible consequences are likely if the Global Warming Hoax continues. As with most ill-concieved theoretical non-problems, the draconian socialist solutions are likely to result in abject misery and death for millions. The evidence that abject misery and death is the result perhaps every time someone comes up with one of these utopian solutions is overwhelming. The problem is human beings are not as smart as they think they are. While we have little ability to effect or control complex systems like the climate, we seem to have a great ability to screw up human society with silly ideas.


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Winston said...

I am writing my congessman to make law mandating that everyone sleep at least 14 hours per day and ban all treadmills and mountain bikes......it is all of CO2 from elevated respiration rates that are killing the planet. Additionally, I will be be telling anyone who is fearful of global warming to euthanze themselves for the greater good of Mother Earth.