Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Totalitarian Left

As I pointed out a couple of posts ago, the Left in America and Europe appears to be slowly installing the instruments of totalitarian oppression in Western Democracy. We increasingly see a politically controlled media, active efforts at censorship, thought control rouses like Global Warming, re-writing of history, overt corruption, and the like. The excerpt from Gates of Vienna makes an excellent point. The Left is showing an increasing penchant for prohibiting words and phrases. By striking certain terms from the lexicon, they effectively change the way we think. Witness recent attempts by congress to strike "global war on terror" from our speech. Today we hear from the attorney repressenting the Fort Dix conspirators that he has a big problem with "islamic militants." Frame the debate, make it impossible, blasphemous, even illegal, to talk about things another way.

Fjordman has coined the term “Glossocracy” for the systematic alteration and debasement of language by the Marxist and Multicultural ideologues who control most of the public institutions in the West. When you make it difficult to describe the world except in terms that are ideologically pre-defined, you also make it difficult to think in any other way.At the same time, ordinary citizens are conditioned not to publicly express their unacceptable ideas. When “hate speech” can cause you to lose your career, or your pension, or even land you in jail, you become very careful of what you say.It doesn’t require the full repressive apparatus of a totalitarian state to effect these conditions. What Fjordman calls a “soft totalitarianism” will do just as well. Soft totalitarianism has already come to maturity in the European Union, and it is well underway here in the United States.

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