Monday, May 7, 2007

Freedom to Censor

The evidence that the Left is finding it increasingly necessary to censor is everywhere. The recent US presidential primary debates is a useful example. Note that the Democrat candidates recently refused to debate on FOX supposed because they did not want to bolster that venue in any way. Meanwhile the GOP candidates gladly appeared on MSNBC with beltway hack Chris Mathews asking absolutely stupid questions.

The comparison is useful. GOP not afraid, undamaged. Dems, well, afraid. Why? Because unless the questions are "framed" absolutely perfectly, with all of the erroneous assumptions built into the questions, the Dems would be reduced to blithering fools. Utopian Ideals sound great only when you discuss them with another Kool-aid drinking Utopian. Dangerous to try an answer not previously vetted by Media Matters or the like.

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