Monday, May 14, 2007

Fred Thompson on Policy

Here is a transcript of the speech Mr. Thompson wrote and delivered before the Council on National Policy. It focuses on the basic framing documents of our nation and where Washington may be loosing sight of America's essence. I find myself increasingly drawn to the Constitution, the Declaration, the Federalist papers, and the intellectual giants to whom so much credit is due for America's success. I repeatedly come to our nations first principles when searching for answers to why I object so strongly to political tactics currently en-vogue amongst the Left. Just as Freedom and Democracy face an existential challenge from the Islamists, a similar threat has now developed from within. While touting very laudible ideals, the Left has begun to justify the means to the ends. As my favorite high school Western Civ teacher Howard Romanek taught over and over again, both the means and the ends must be just. Mr. Thompson uses the Scooter Libby atrocity to demonstrate a very scary phenominon in Washington.

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