Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hello President Sarkosky

Early reports are indeed predicting victory for Sarkosky in the French Presidential Election. Mr. Sarksosky's right of center platform includes: pro-American rhetoric, free trade, tough on crime, and strict immigration controls. Wow. Maybe there is hope of Europe. Mr. Sarkosky's Socialist opponent, Segolene Royal, saw her hopes finally dashed after she lost her cool in the recent debate. In what Little Green Footballs calls " a shocking example of utter irresponsibility" Mrs. Royal warned of rioting and violence if she didn't win.

I think it is worth pausing to consider this irresponsibility. She is saying, in effect, that her supporters are not bound by rule of law, that they do not respect the French consitution, that they will defy by violent means the judgement of the majority. Incredible. Examples abound of the Left increasing resorting to totalitarian tactics. In this country, they have fairly openly embraced forms of censorship. Are riots next? And they wonder why we on the right want to protect our homes with guns.

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