Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dumb Blonde?

Here we find out some more facts on the Left's socialist utopian poster child, Sweden. In short, most swedish teens don't know what communism is. Pretty easy to embrace socialism when you are not taught or haven't learned the faintest thing about different forms of goverment and their historical consequences.

A majority of Swedish teenagers don't know what communism is and don't know which countries neighbour their own, a poll published Wednesday showed, raising questions about Sweden's education system.
Ninety percent of teens aged 15 to 20 don't know which foreign capital is closest to Stockholm, 90 percent don't know what the Gulag is, and 40 percent think communism has increased prosperity in the world.
"They have a lack of understanding for basic concepts such as dictatorships and democracy, and that is unsettling. There must be a major change in their level of knowledge, and schools in particular must take responsibility," Camilla Andersson, the head of the Information About Communism organisation that commissioned the study, told Swedish news agency TT.

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