Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Equality is not what it seems

Dr. Sanity links a great article today about how in their efforts to protect victimized minority groups, the Left often ends up actually oppressing another. In the same way the lightbulb fiasco may actually end up just a massive mercury toxic waste problem. The article below discusses how in "multicultural" Europe the desire to respect moslem customs has VERY ADVERSE consequences for women. Here in America we have recently seen the moral inversion of excessive political correctness in the guilty until proven innocent Duke Lacrosse case juxtaposed with the Don Imus Nappy headed ho- guilty no trial- case. To be clear, I am absolutely for protecting minority interests, however where the founding fathers sought to avoid a democratic tyranny of the Majority, the American Left now threatens us with a Tyranny of the Minority.

It is the sacrosanct "victim" status which has produced the moral inversion of the American Tort system. In America Obstetricians have reduced the natural infant and maternal mortality rate from around 10% to almost zero. These Obsteticians work days, nights, weekends and holidays to make the miracal of human birth safe. They work well into their 60s and never become rich. Some are forced out of business by unaffordable malpractice insurance. Meanwhile, trial lawyers wait outside the hospital for the few births where the miracle is somehow imperfect. They wheel the victim into court, and then the sobbing jury awards out-of-this-world damages. Then the trial lawyer retires very rich. Presidential candidate John "silky pony" Edwards did just this. He now dabbles in politics while his victims, the poor OBs work into their 60s and 70's, day and night, if they are lucky. Moral inversion. Some victims more valuable than others.
Tyranny of the Victim. Tyranny of the Minority.

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